• Excellent Coaching
  • Montessori Method of teaching
  • Xseed
  • Mikids
  • EZ Vidhya
  • Efficiency in teaching.
  • Proficiency in education.
  • Trained & Experienced teachers
  • Personal attention to all children.
  • Colorful Classrooms
  • Learning through play & activities.
  • Education is never a burden here.
  • Children learn to speak & think in English.


Methodology of Teaching




Xseed, a unique teaching methodology is followed in our school since 2013. Xseed Education is a leading education innovation company focused on learning and leadership, with high-quality proprietary curriculum, training and assessment capability. Xseed means children learn, not cram. Teachers teach, not tell. Our school follows Xseed 5-Step ( 5 A’s – Aim – Action – Analysis – Application – Assessment) Learning Method for better results & Successful Children.




Mikids English Foundation uses a simple phonics based approach to reading, so that children at the Foundation Stage are able to comprehend and put to immediate use. Mikids materials are reinforced with specially written songs which stimulate learning activities of children and enhance their vocabulary.


Teaching :


  • Loving and Caring teachers: We are proud to say that all our teachers are Montessori Trained & are loving & caring. Children love their teachers & feel free to discuss everything.
  • Basic etiquette for life: Children are taught basic etiquettes here. They are taught table manners, using their hand kerchief etc...
  • Children learn quickly if the teaching is done effectively.
  • They do their projects, audio & visual and activities. This gives them a clear understanding of the lesson.
  • Maria school is able to give personal attention to all the children. Children feel happy when there are given more care & love, they try to perform better in all areas.
  • Education is not a burden: Education cannot be a burden, if it is presented in a simpler way, children should be given more activities and experiments with lot of visual examples.
  • Spoken English: Our children learn to speak in English from the early stages. English is accepted to be an International language. It is important to learn, to speak, write and read in English. Here children are given exposure to speak in English. Extra classes are taken for Spoken English. All our children can communicate in English.




School has a full fledged Library having more than 2500 books on various subjects. In order to cultivate the habit of reading, we provide each child one book per week, The book to be returned by next week, on the day specified by the class teacher.


Maria Nursery and Primary School is a Montessori  School situated at Madurai in the heart of S.S. Colony between Periyar Bus Stand and Bye-Pass Road. We are now Eleven years old, and all our children have excelled very well. We have two sections, one for Kindergarden and another for Primary Section. Our school is run by an able Principal Mrs. Lilia John who has a 33 years experience in the field of education.


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