Rules and Regulations of the School

  • Every student must have the necessary text books and note books with them required for the class.
  • All assignments should be regularly done and submitted by the students. Parents are advised to take special interest in this regard.
  • Students must come with school uniform regularly and in time.
  • Students should have not less than 75% attendance.
  • Parents are specially requested to pay the fees in time.
  • Suggestions from the parents are always welcome.
  • Occasional Reports must accompany with the parents signatures.
  • Every student must carry the diary regularly.
  • Parents are requested not so send their children with any valuables like gold ornaments, cash, cell phone, etc. If they do so, the management will not hold any responsibility for the loss. 


A word to the Parents


  • Ensure that your child is regular and punctual.
  • Please avoid late nights for children.
  • Label all stationary and clothing items.
  • Valuable articles must not be brought to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of these articles. If any such article is found in the possession of a child, the same will be confiscated.
  • No harmful items should be sent with the child.
  • Parents are requested to check the school diary, regularly and personally and acknowledge the remarks made.
  • Absence from the school even for one day, should be explained in the appropriate column of the school diary.
  • Fee must be paid before due date.
  • Take pride in sending your child smartly dressed in the prescribed uniform.
  • Ensure that your child wears an ID card to the school, daily.
  • Promptly inform the school in writing, whenever there is a change of address, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Be prompt in returning the progress / achievements card of the child, duly signed.
  • Parents are requested to keep their cell phones switched off or in vibration mode in the school premises.
  • Any letter addressed to the school should mention the name of the child and the class to which the child belongs.
  • Letters should be written formally, on a letter paper and should be sent in an envelope.
  • Al letters/correspondence from the parents must go through the school head.
  • Parents are to understand that they cannot dictate terms to the school authorities.
  • Parents are not permitted to visit their child in class or meet teachers without the express permission of the school head.
  • Children will not be granted half day leave.
  • Parents may meet the school head on Saturdays between 9.00 am-12.00pm.
  • The school strongly discourages tuitions and private classes for our students,
  • Teachers of this school are not allowed to give tuition to the students of the same school.
  • The school values your whole-hearted participation in the school functions, conducted by the school, in the interest of your child.
  • Regular hours of study, at home throughout the year will help the child to develop proper study habits.
  • Check your child’s notepads and books, regularly.
  • Home assignment must be completed on time.
  • Do not telephone or disturb the school head/teacher or any other staff at their residence under any circumstances. Understand that school business is to be transacted during school hours and in the school only.
  • Parents are requested to maintain the decorum and discipline of the school.


A word to the Student


  • Speak in English.
  • Be punctual to school.
  • Be regular in attendance.
  • Do your home work regularly.
  • Come to school in neat and full uniform.
  • Pay your school fees in time.
  • Develop neat handwriting.
  • Keep Text - books & Exercise books neatly covered.
  • Do not destroy school property.
  • Take part in extra curricular activities available at school.
  • Always speak the truth.
  • Learn to use "please" and "excuse me" while talking to any one.
  • Respect your teachers, parents, brothers, sisters and all the other elders and help them as much as you can.
  • Do one thing at a time and do it well. 


Maria Nursery and Primary School is a Montessori  School situated at Madurai in the heart of S.S. Colony between Periyar Bus Stand and Bye-Pass Road. We are now Eleven years old, and all our children have excelled very well. We have two sections, one for Kindergarden and another for Primary Section. Our school is run by an able Principal Mrs. Lilia John who has a 33 years experience in the field of education.


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